Aircraft Asset Tracking & Evaluation
Delta Aerospace is specialized in the technical and financial asset tracking and evaluation of commercial and business aircraft. Our services are designed to minimize financial risk and ensure aircraft assets are maintained and secure all the time. We tailor our approach and services to meet the specific demands and requirements of our individual customers. 

Delta Aerospace offers a service for managing and assessing all aircraft records which include maintenance tracking, manufacturer delivery documents, SBs and ADs and other aircraft related documentation. Our commitment is to provide the customer with a comprehensive records package to a high industry standard to facilitate the aircraft’s technical and physical condition safe and secure.

Delta’s mostly chosen asset management package comprises 3 distinctive periodic reports. Each of them is prepared at the physical site of the particular aircraft but also includes market trends for the specific aircraft type.

  • Monthly Report: For each aircraft prepared at end of every month within 7 days following that month for January, February, April, May, July, August, October and November. In order to collect data Delta team visits aircraft regularly and discuss issues with stakeholders to accomplish the study.
  • Quarterly Report: For each aircraft prepared at the end of each quarter within 15 days following each quarter for March, June and September.
  • Annual Appraisal Report: Prepared for each aircraft at the end of the calendar year within 30 days.

Monthly Reports :
Monthly reports encompass the services defined below;

  • Aircraft Status Report (Current FH, FC, upcoming SB and ADs)
  • Brief Market Outlook and sector news
  • Documentation

Quarterly Reports  :
Quarterly reports are prepared every 3 months, preferably at the end of calendar quarters that correspond to sector evaluation studies. Each quarterly report includes the monthly report but also evaluates the state the sector dynamics in a detailed form. Quarterly report can also be considered as a simple appraisal form defines the aircraft value trends both in technical and commercial terms. 

The following tasks are taking into consideration for the quarterly report:

  • Detailed visual inspection,
  • Market evaluation with comparison to the sector dynamics,
  • Aviation News (national /international wise),
  • Periodic aircraft and technical record inspections with compliance to industrial standards,
  • Periodic aircraft record inspections with compliance to international authorities (EASA, FAA, etc)
  • Aircraft Technical Audits and Risk Analysis,
  • Advice concerning maintenance inspections,
  • Inspecting airworthiness requirements,
  • Providing 7/24 consultancy on all the aviation matters
  • Basic aircraft appraisal in comparison to the aircraft on market
  • Visual Inspection (Interior & Exterior with Photos) and comments

Annual Report  :
Annual report is the final appraisal report of the aircraft, stating the aircraft condition with comparison to the market dynamics. All the tasks of the quarterly report are undertaken but as supplement following information are provided in the report:

  • Market outlook for the aircraft and manufacturer,
  • Annual Market Analysis,
  • Logbook Inspection,
  • Overall detailed visual inspection including corrosion verification,
  • Technical Evaluation,
  • Engine and APU analysis,
  • Market Analysis and Evaluation,
  • Market Value Determination (Financial Evaluation),
  • Appraisal Report.