Aircraft Appraisal & Consultancy
Aircraft appraisal is a vital step before a pre-owned aircraft transaction for buyers, sellers, insurance companies or financial institutions. As Delta Aerospace our aim is to provide aircraft appraisals on American Society of Appraisers standards to our customers with our certified appraisers.

An aircraft appraisal is an impartial, independent and objective opinion of the value of an aircraft based on its technical and physical condition in the marketplace determined by a certified aircraft appraiser. The mean of appraisal practice is versatile to different parties in aviation transactions;

  • For buyers: it’s a control mechanism to know the fair market value of the subject aircraft before making the acquisition decision.
  • For sellers: it provides a realistic opinion on the expected income from the sales of the subject aircraft and its marketplace in compare to other aircraft on the market.
  • For finance institutions: It’s aimed to minimize the financial risk on the subject aircraft or the loan.
  • For insurance companies: It’s a control mechanism to minimize the asset risks on the insurance process.

An aircraft appraisal report consists of below defined steps:

  • Logbok Inspecion
  • Visual Inspection
  • Technical Status Evaluation
  • Market Status Evaluation
  • Market Fair Market Value Determination
  • Appraisal Report Signed by a certified appraiser

For detailed information or inquiries please get in touch with Ms. Ece Özkan